Sunday, March 22, 2015

Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month.
Every year, my mother and I do a fundraiser to raise money for Hunter's school. They do so much for Hunter and all his special classmates, throughout the year, this is the one time we can give back. Since moving to this school, Hunter has tremendously improved and also made a lot of friends. This year, we decided to make key fobs with my new learned sewing skill.
Please help our cause and enjoy some new beautiful key fobs!
Thank you :)

Key Fobs to Purchase

We will be selling the key fobs for $5/each with a 2 key fob minimum order, where all proceeds will be going to Hunter's school. his mascot is the sea horse.
If you're not local, you can send the donation through the PayPal donate button on the right --->. Under about me.
Please send an email to with your key fob choice and address, or click the mail envelope button on the right. Be sure to email your selection so we can tell you if the style is still available.
click to enlarge photo

Currently Available for Sale:
watercolor floral- sold out
sea horses
flip flop- a few left
puzzle piece

graffiti dog (these will vary in pattern) and colorful paw prints just added
black background colorful paw print(to represent all types of pets )

For the men, maybe a fathers day gift? everyone loves seersucker

just added , as always limited quantities 

These are 10" so they fit around your wrist to carry your keys
each is an original vintage lilly print and one of a kind.
They will be selling for $10.

We will make your key fob after payment has been received.  Thanks for supporting Autism.